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The World Comes to Stone Mountain, Summit of a New South

Fifty-one years after Martin Luther King, Jr. proclaimed, “Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia,” a diverse community thrives atop Stone Mountain, a mountain still considered emblematic of Old South racism by some. This website humbly attempts to illustrate freedom ringing at last and celebrates all of the new faces that are reclaiming the mountain.

A Tale of Four Tzitzis

A month ago, I asked native Atlantan Michael Cenker, a Georgia Tech graduate, with a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering, to explain... 

"Out of Many, One People"

Veronica Lestagez (the "z" is silent) was my mountain buddy today during the autumnal equinox. 

Vincent is Moving Mountains

Vincent Robinson lost his legs when he was 20 years old after being shot at the Bankhead Courts housing project. 

"We practice out here so our neighbors don't throw things at us."

"We practice out here so our neighbors don't throw things at us," joked Geno... 

Tony "Guitar Man" Taylor‘s Mountain Stage

Hardly a day goes by that I don't see—make that hear—Tony "Guitar Man" Taylor at Stone Mountain. 

Eat the Word

Svetlana and her family emigrated from Saransk, Russia when she 13, and she left behind many friends, her way of life, and the dream...

I found myself on top of Stone Mountain, spending the eve of Ethiopian New Year...

At sunset I found myself on top of Stone Mountain, spending the eve... 

Linda and Judith dressed in tutus and tiaras for The Divas 5K in Peachtree City.

Linda, 58, and Judith, 56, dressed themselves this morning in tutus and tiaras for The Divas 5K... 

Jae Hong from South Korea

Metro Atlanta resident Jae Hong is originally from South Korea, and today the businessman marked his 52nd climb of the year up Stone Mountain.... 

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