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The World Comes to Stone Mountain, Summit of a New South

Fifty-one years after Martin Luther King, Jr. proclaimed, “Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia,” a diverse community thrives atop Stone Mountain, a mountain still considered emblematic of Old South racism by some. This website humbly attempts to illustrate freedom ringing at last and celebrates all of the new faces that are reclaiming the mountain.

Mountain Moves

Noah, 7, loves to dance and takes dance classes for special needs kids. Check him out demonstrating his moves for me at the mountain this morning. 

If Charles McNair Could Choose a Color to Be

How fitting that my old friend, author Charles McNair, who was on assignment for The Bitter Southerner... 

Sunshine and Deer

"Earth raised up her head/From the darkness dread and drear" today and answered me with sunshine and deer. 

Fugees Family "Never Give Up!"

What is a little cold and ice when you've fled war? I'd always hoped to one day meet some of the brave and inspiring young refugees in the Fugees Family... 

Coucher du Soleil Pour Charlie Hebdo

It was wind-whipping cold last night on the mountain, but a beautiful winter sunset rewarded the tolerant.