French Haitian Seventh Day Adventists

If I had been wearing earphones last night, I might've missed their French singing at the base of Stone Mountain. I pinched myself when I beheld them joined in a big circle, holding hands and singing. As if meeting Manela from Ethiopia at the top hadn't already been sublime enough (AND the family from Hyderabad, India, AND the young woman from Somalia after that all on the same day!), here now were Haitian Seventh Day Adventists from Ebenezer French SDA, a French, Creole, and English speaking church in Atlanta closing their Sabbath at the foot of the walk-up trail! Head Elder Emmanuel Jean-Leon explained to me that they wanted to do something extra special that evening, close to nature, because the children had done everything for the church program that evening.

Below is a video clip of their singing and closing prayer—and everything after :39 is in French!