A Constellation of Esses

There's still stardust on my shoes from the early morning trek up the mountain to witness celestial rarity at its finest, and a constellation of esses—syzygy, summit, sunrise, selenelion, and serendipity—still flicker in my thoughts. I reached the top a little after 5:30am, just as the moon began sliding behind the Earth's shadow, and the effulgent moon from just hours, even minutes, before, suddenly appeared increasingly smeared a cloudy black. Two photographers were already positioned with their tripods to capture the supernatural seeming Blood Moon unfold once the total lunar eclipse was complete, and I randomly approached Atlanta native, Bryan Feldman, wishfully thinking perhaps that his 300mm camera was a telescope like one I had looked through not twelve hours before.

Turns out, the 54 year-old married software developer and Georgia Tech graduate in industrial engineering, had developed a popular Android app and website about Stone Mountain called Stone Mountain Guide. Talk about having something in common! What were the odds that this random stranger and I would both have websites about Stone Mountain? There in the dark, under the full Blood Moon, as clouds moved quickly over it and the wind whipped all around us, I told him about I Am The Mountain. Our sites sounded almost like the sun and moon in opposition, as his guide is more informational and practical, while my site focuses mainly on people and is somewhat of an art installation. We shared the moonset and sunrise—and that rare selenelion, when both the sun and moon were visible on the horizon at the same time for between 2-9 minutes—and, not surprisingly, we agreed to link to each other’s sites—which is quite funny, given that "syzygy" derives from the Greek for "yoking together."