Luci Recalls Hiding Jews from the Nazis

Yesterday at Stone Mountain, I met mountain regular, Luci, a 74 year-old Snellville resident and retired pediatric nurse, who is originally from Poland and born of German parents. While she wasn't yet born when Kristallnacht ("crystal night" or Night of Broken Glass), a series of coordinated attacks against Jews in Germany and Austria that brought The Holocaust to a new crescendo, took place 76 years ago today (through the morning of November 11), she proudly remembers her parents hiding Jews and smuggling food into the nearby ghettos when she was growing up in Poland during the Invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany. Here is unedited footage of our conversation, and she even gets to meet Esther at the end of the clip and tell her that she lived with an Amish family when she was once a Fresh Air Fund kid.