Scatterd, Smothered, and Collared

"Scattered, Smothered, & Collared" is actually part of a larger piece about 28 year-old Jen here and her best friend Christina, 29, who I met met at the mountain on September 2nd. For now, Jen, from Lawrenceville, Georgia, tells about her job as a Waffle House waitress.
You might also care to know that Waffle House turns 60 next year over Labor Day weekend, and that it's ranked one of the top companies when it comes to disaster preparedness and relief (FEMA dubbed it "The Waffle House Index"), and despite a series of well-publicized discrimination lawsuits in 2005 (and a steady stream of others), Waffle House was actually one of the first restaurants to serve black customers. Just as it remains open on all holidays, and come all hell and literal high water, I just read that it even stayed open in Atlanta the night Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered, while other area businesses closed, fearing riots like those in Memphis [Editor's note: the next day riots erupted in Ferguson, MO, following the Darren Wilson Grand Jury verdict, and I wondered if Waffle House stayed open.]