Mountain Winterland


In a word: transformation. How simply sublime, water turning to ice, even in the very shape of the direction of the wind, transforming Stone Mountain into a giant Dale Chihuly glass sculpture for a day. Like Zan and Jana on “Superfriends” shouting "Wonder Twin powers, activate! Into the form of ice!" with a fist bump. Because, maybe deep down inside many of us long for such transformation, and we can’t help but recognize when nature marvelously reminds us it's possible. A serene blown glass winterland, the frozen pines occasionally creaking in the wind or felled by the weight of ice. The rock itself must've stored its own heat, because it wasn't frozen or slippery at all. Only the protruding shrubs, handrails, garbage cans, power lines, and pines, and a lone icy mitten froze. I'm outside so often and pretty much accept all temperatures, but this evening I definitely had to keep my gloves on while taking photos or risk my hands turning to blown glass.

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